Play Way Methods / Activity Based Learning:
To capture the class room learning process among the children the teachers are deployed to train the kids by play way methods, wherein they become more creative and innovative in their thoughts. The school supports activity based learning which is a system that can keep children motivated and fully occupied, while they are mastering the fundamental. ABL facilitates learning, without dominating the classroom or intimidating the children. Since the child learns in a self-directed way, from the systematic materials provided, teacher absence or occasional unavailability may not create a serious problems.

Skill Identification at Pre-Primary level:
Teachers are the key forces in taping a child’s talent lying dormant in him and also they scan out his / her IQ level. For this purpose a team of teachers are appointed.

Health and Hygiene:
The students should not only have sound education but also sound health. We have deployed full time nurse who will attend on children and monitor them.

Yoga and Exercises:
“A sound mind lives in a sound body”. Caring for the body and soul, yoga and meditation encourages the students to tune themselves to their spiritual selves. In addition to this, it also imbibes virtues of patience, tolerance, concentration and consistency.

Club Activities:

  • All the club activities are conducted as per the schedule.
  • Proper pronunciation Tamil.
  • Communicative English skill.
  • Tamil literary Association.
  • Personality development skill.
  • Music / Consumer / Library / Maths / Red Ribbon / National Green Corps.